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You'll gain access to all current titles. Take your Jiu Jitsu skills to the next level with The Collection.

To be the best, you should learn from the best. And The Collection download features crystal clear instruction, artistic presentation and results-proven success from world-class teacher Roy Dean.

Roy has sold tens of thousands of instructionals all over the world – through his apps, DVDs and downloads. He travels the world to share his art, teaching students how to master their art and unleash their true potential.

The Collection is an entire suite of instructional jiu-jitsu content, created by one of the world’s most elite professionals. Roy has dedicated his life to the arts and as a result he’s earned black belts in Judo, Aikido, Brazilian & Japanese Jiu Jitsu.

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You'll gain access to all the current titles

The Collection shows you what Jiu jitsu truly is, but not simply the techniques and moves that power it... The Collection reveals hidden secrets and expert information on progression that will help you take your skills and development to the next level. This is the best way for students to reach their true potential and quickly advance through development in an effective way.

This series is something special. It has impacted thousands of students from around the globe, helping them hone their skills and supercharge their effectiveness on the mat. The people who have The Collection consider it their “bible”. It is everything you will ever need on your journey to mastering your art.

Roy has received countless emails from students around the world thanking him for the way The Collection supercharged their growth and influenced their philosophy on the art.

If you take the time to watch The Collection, understand it and incorporate its teachings – you will be that much closer to mastering your art.

Jiu Jitsu is a journey, not an easy one and not a short one. The Collection has become an integral part of completing this journey for dedicated students all over the world.

The Collection includes:

  • 3 Degrees of Black
  • Year One Seminars
  • The White Belt Bible
  • BJJ Blue Belt Requirements 1.0
  • BJJ Blue Belt Requirements 2.0
  • BJJ Purple Belt Requirements
  • BJJ Purple Belt Requirements 2.0
  • BJJ Brown Belt Requirements
  • BJJ Black Belt Requirements
  • The Triangle Choke Seminar
  • A Jiu Jitsu Crash Course
  • The Pressure Seminar
  • Money on the Mat | The Jeff Glover Story
  • Countering Jiu Jitsu
  • Art of the Wristlock
  • Judo Made Easy
  • No Gi Essentials
  • Coachella: Season 1
  • Frankfurt | Jiu Jitsu in Germany
  • Pure Rolling 2: Black Belt Edition
  • The 411 Instructional with Alan Shade
  • Moscow | Season 1 | Jiu Jitsu In Russia
  • Moscow | Season 2 | Jiu Jitsu In Russia
  • Wristlocks, Footlocks, and Kimuras | Jiu Jitsu Fundamentals
  • The Jiu Jitsu Class Volume 1
  • BJJ Seminars Around the Globe by Roy Dean
    1. Jiu Jitsu Crash Course
    2. Jiu Jitsu in Germany
    3. Judo Made Easy

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Download The Collection today and change your perception forever.

34 GB for all titles.

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